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"Rising doubts about Japan’s official radiation figures - “There is a possibility that areas around the monitoring posts have already been decontaminated,” Matsukubo said. “We are deeply worried that these numbers are being accepted as official air radiation levels and used to estimate exposure.”"

Questions are being raised about the accuracy of the government’s contamination data for the area around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.  

"We believe it is dangerous for people still living in highly contaminated areas," said Hajime Matsukubo, a spokesman for the Tokyo-based Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC).

He points to independent studies indicating that people in Fukushima and Koriyama – cities well beyond the exclusion zone imposed by the government – are still exposed to high levels of radioactivity.

"The level of a 1 millisievert dose per year, which has been set by the International Commission on Radiological Protection, is the result of a lot of research," Matsukubo said. "And even if the risk is not so high, people from the Fukushima Prefecture should not have to accept that."

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